Exclusive tubes for an exquisite road bike.


Frame starting from €3,495 — When elite racers have a choice, this is it. The Interceptor Flymaster’s sloping frame is welded with two components: a tube set exclusively shaped for Jaegher by Columbus Italia and – the most precious of all components – time. This frame has the stiffness and lightness of a carbon frame with the unequalled feel of high-end steel. Top this with pure welding talent and you’ll experience the difference each pedal stroke can make.
For an exact quote, please send an e-mail to mentioning: model preference / frame or full road bike / brakes – rim or disc / shifters – mechanical or electric / colour – frame and fork


Exclusive tube set

The engineers of Columbus Italia and Jaegher worked together for more than a year on this oval Spirit tube set. The perfect marriage: stiff and light yet smooths out rough roads.


All our Interceptors come with bronze gear cable adjusters, designed by Jaegher. Bronze is a self-lubricating material, as opposed to aluminium, which can oxidise, making the adjusters useless.

Paint protector strips.

Jaegher introduced the ‘paint protector strips’ at the bike fair in Berlin and won the award for the most beautiful handcrafted road bike.


Tig welding is not just any skill. It requires years of practice and precision. The perfect weld ensures lasting joints and speaks of the mastery of its welder.

Stainless Steel XCr chainstays

The top of our right chainstay is unpainted to avoid chain damage. Of course, both chainstays are stainless steel for a perfect balance.

Stainless steel dropouts

Our dropouts are stainless steel and are unpainted to avoid paint damage by quick release bike skewers.


We believe the Futura Caliper with straight blades is the perfect fork for your Flymaster.

Seatpost clamp - Jaegher branded

For this model we prefer to work with an external seat clamp. One that is simple and beautiful but wonderfully smooth and strong.

Disc brakes

The Flymaster is available with rim brakes or disc brakes. Just let us know which you prefer.

Wet paint

We offer a large selection of gorgeous colours and colour combinations. In wet paint application, the colours are more lively and vibrant, while at the same time more environmentally friendly.

Tapered head tube

For 1 1/8". Soon with our adapted integrated small JR logo ¬— The first and last letter of our name. Did you now that our logo is inspired by the handle bars of a race cycle.

Sloping top tube

With its shorter wheelbase and sloping top tube, the Flymaster was made for speed and is our most aggressive model.

Electronic shifters

We can adapt this Interceptor frame for electronic shifters. Please let us know before we start tigging.

Video description

Feature video coming soon
Soon we’ll have a video featuring all of the details on the Interceptor Flymaster.

Get inspired

  • model 2016 / chameleon green / integrated and painted seatpost Mr. Vaneenooghe / Ruiselede

  • white / electronic shifters / integrated cable / tapered head tube

  • paint job: model 2016 / shadow paint — orange & dark orange / wheels sws / campagnolo record / fizik seatpost / painted head tube / painted seatpost / bronze cable shifters on head tube Mr. Stallaert / Tielrode

  • deep black - fuchsia / disc brakes / wheels sws / campagnolo record / fizik seatpost / painted head tube / Mr. Wender

  • matte black - light blue / split duo fork for disc brakes

  • shadow paint light blue

  • bronze cable adjusters / matt black - light blue

Technical specs

Interceptor FlymasterInterceptor ClassicPhantom AuthenticAscender Not-Yet
Price starting3.495,00€ frame (fork included)2.995,00€ frame (fork included)2.695,00€ frame (fork included)-
WeldingTIG WeldingTIG WeldingBraze Welding - Premium microfusion LUGS-
GeometryAgressive - Sloping top tubeComfort - Horizontal top tubeComfort - Horizontal top tube-
Tube setColumbus Spirit - Exclusively made for JaegherColumbus Spirit - Exclusively selected for JaegherColumbus Spirit - Exclusively selected for Jaegher-
Seat TubeColumbus Life - Exclusively made for JaegherColumbus Life - More strenght for seatpostColumbus Spirit-
Seat Post27.2mm27.2mm27.2mm-
Seat ClampJaegher Branded 28,6mmJaegher Branded 34,9mmIntegrated-
Headsetfor 1 1/8" head tube taperedfor 1 1/8"for 1 inch-
Chain StaysStainless SteelStainless SteelSteel - Messing protection strip-
Bottom Brack ShellThreat FitBSA - British threatedBSA - British threated-
DropoutsStainless Steel with capsStainless Steel with capsLong Shen Lug-
Rear Wheel Axle Space130mm /DB 142mm130mm /DB 142mm130mm-
Rear Spacing130mm130mm130mm-
ShiftingMechanical, EPS, Di2Mechanical, EPS, Di2Mechanical, EPS, Di2-
Front Derailleur ClampBraze on - Stainless steel033mmBraze on - Stainless steel-
Brake SystemRim Brakes / Disc BrakesRim BrakesRim Brakes-
Frame Weight1.6 kg1.6 kg1,8kg-
Fork RimFor Rim: Columbus Futura Caliper 45mm 1-1/8" - 1-1/2 TaperedColumbus Minimal 1 1/8" and1" -Alu DropoutsColumbus - Straight Steel Blades-
Fork DiscFutura DiscNot availableNot Available
Tire ClearanceUp to 28mm / Rim & DiscUp to 25mmUp to 25mm
Fork Weight350g340g900g -Handmade Jaegher-