Where are the tube sets from?

At Jaegher we always go for the best there is, no compromise. For the Interceptor Flymaster, Interceptttor Classic and Phantom Authentic, we use Columbus steel from Italy. It’s the world class reference. They were the best in the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties and even now they don’t stop to make their tubes lighter and stiffer. Also the composition of the steel that is used now is impossible to be compared with the steel that was used in the sixties.

Is it true that Columbus manufactures an unique tube set for Jaegher?

Our specialists and Jaegher’s master welder and the Columbus engineers worked together in Milan to produce an exclusive and extreme stiff (and still comfortable) tube set.
If you name your race bike The Jaegher “Interceptor Flymaster”, you’d better make sure it’s the fastest race cycle ever. And that’s exactly what it is. Have a nice flight.

Is it possible to have a gravel bike?

Both the Ascender and Interceptor -Classic and Flymaster- are available as gravel bikes. It usually means the bike is delivered with disc brakes. Most people go for 33mm tyres, but with the frame and fork we deliver you can go up to 38mm. Please point this out before your bicycle goes into production.

What is the difference between a gravel bike and a cyclocross bike?

A cyclocross has a higher bracket and the geometry is different. A gravel bike has the same height bracket as a race cycle, and also the angle between the head tube and the seat tube are the same. A gravel bike has bigger tyres.

Is it possible to have disc brakes?

Every model is available with disc brakes, except for the Phantom.

Is it possible to have 23mm tires? 25mm? 28mm? Or even more?

With our race cycles and the Phantom you can go up to 28mm. The most widely chosen size is 25mm. Gravel usually goes up to 38mm.

Do you make also race cycles in carbon, wood, aluminium or titanium?

We are believers and lovers of steel and titanium. Our DNA is made of steel, it has been for many generations. Do we think carbon and aluminium are bad? No, of course not. There are some fabulous racing bikes made of those materials, but we think they are too stiff by nature. The big multinationals have engineers working for decades now on reducing that issue. They’ve tried by developing extreme oversized tubes or building in shock absorbers in the frames. So, we guess the answer is no, we’ll just keep making steel frames, but thank you for asking.

Do all Jaegher frames have a replaceable derailleur hanger?

That’s an easy question. Yes, all Jaegher race cycles have a replaceable derailleur hanger.

Is the bottom bracket British or Italian threated?

At Jaegher we use BSA. So it is British.

Is the front derailleur bare-on or band-clamp? And what is the clamp-size.

For the Phantom Authentic we use a bare-on clamp. The classic with the round tubes works best with a band-clamp ( 33mm). The seat tube of the Flymaster has an oval form in the lower zone for more stiffness and comfort. We prefer to deliver you this ultimate frame with an inox bare-on to avoid paint damage and because we don’t trust oval band-clamps.