What’s the time between ordering and delivery?

The time between your order and our delivery is between 8 and 12 weeks. It gets very busy at the atelier sometimes, so don’t sue us if it’s a couple of days later. It’s only because we take our time to make your bike perfect.

What if the delivery is not on time?

Then we’ll tell you we’re working on it. And that wouldn’t be an excuse. We’re a small company and we want to deliver state-of the-art work. Of course, we have a decent inventory of those wonderful Italian Columbus tubes, but it does occasionally happen that we have to wait on some small parts, and that can slow down the production process. As all the bikes are handmade, it also – but rarely – happens that we get carried away with the welding torch and mess up a frame. Then we have to throw it away and start all over. We also work with one of the best painters, top of the class. Unfortunately he only has two hands. Believe us, we do everything to be on time. Just in case, here are some great exercises.

Do I have to pay extra for delivery on the other side of the world?

We prepare your bike and box it for shipping. We ask you to arrange the shipping and choose the shipping company you prefer.

Is there a special price if we order two or three road bikes at once?

That’s a great idea! Just ask ateliers@jaegher.com

How long is the guarantee on the frame?

At Jaegher we give a two-year guarantee on the frame and welding. But a Jaegher steel frame can last forever – if you treat it well. Just like a car, your frame needs thorough maintenance at least once a year (see the section Maintenance for a Long Life). We would love to give you a life-time guarantee but we can only give you a promise. If you treat your road bike the way you should, then you will enjoy your Jaegher the rest of your life.

Is there also warranty on the paintjob?

It really depends on what you did with your poor little Jaegher.

What if the color is not exactly what I had in mind?

On our website, Facebook and Instagram pages we do everything we can to make the colours as true as possible. But what you see on the screen of your laptop or mobile is what you see on a screen.

We can assure you though that the colours we recommend have been tried and tested. We’re recommending them not only because we think they look great, but also because they don’t look like anybody else’s colours. We use wet paint because the colours are more vibrant and we use two layers of overcoat for greater durability and depth. For some paintwork we use a special layer of colour to create a special effect. These colour effects are described in our configurator.

Can I come to the atelier to choose and order my bike and can it be shipped afterwards to my country.

Just sent a mail at ateliers@jaegher.com and we’ll find a time to meet in our atelier in Ghent. We’ll let you know when your Jaegher is nearly finished, so you can arrange for shipping to your home.

How will my Jaegher be shipped.

We’ve designed custom boxes in recyclable cardboard. Inside the box, the frame and fork are protected with foam. We tested the boxes with one of our own bikes: we tossed it around the room, dropped it from three meters’ height and let two Sumo wrestlers have a fight on it. Well, not the Sumo wrestlers, but you can be sure your Jaegher will be safely packed for shipment.

What’s your IBAN number?

BE79 7340 3427 2533

How do I pay? Can I pay with VISA or Mastercard?

We’ll send you an invoice with a link so you can make your payment with VISA, MasterCard, American Express …

Can I pay with cash?

Please send an e-mail to ateliers@jaegher.com

Is it possible to have an invoice?

Of course you can.