What’s the best way to get my measurements?

The best is to go to a professional measuring center to get the best equipment. They use video, laser techniques and special software. They don’t just look at your height and the size of your legs, but also your arms, your upper body and width. They also consider past injuries, muscle length, asymmetry, your flexibility, weight and your personal goals. All of these things will have an influence on the size and geometry of your own personal Jaegher. You can then upload the pdf of the measuring center on our configurator. You can also make an appointment with javor@jaegher.be to take your measurements in our workshop in Antwerp. We have measurements tools, the experience and it’s free.

Can I measure myself?

You can, actually. There are websites that show you how, with forms, technical drawings, tutorials etcetera. But remember, we can only rely on what you give us, so if for some reason your Jaegher wasn’t built on the correct data, we can’t be held responsible. Because we really want you to enjoy every meter on your Jaegher bike we recommend getting yourself measured up at a professional measuring center.

Can I choose another color then those in the configurator?

We like to think we have a pretty awesome range of colors, and we prefer to see Jaeghers on the road that we’re proud of. Of course we can let you choose a color that goes with your 1992 jersey, but it’s not something we love doing. If we don’t agree with your choice, we may decide not to. If we do agree on a different color, please note that there is a 30% supplement on lacquering outside the configurator. Make sure the color you choose, is a specific RAL code, not just a sample or a ‘something along these lines’. If you are afterwards not pleased with the color, you will be charged with the cost of stripping and recoloring.

Why should I choose for measuremade instead of standard measurements?

No two bodies are the same. Comfort and performance is always better when your bike fits your body.

Can I repaint my race cycle?

It happens, tastes evolve, minds change, lacquer can get damaged, or sometimes you just want to feel like you’re getting a new bike without wanting to loose the old one. It is perfectly possible to strip your bike and put on a new lacquer of your choice. It won’t have any negative effect on the performance of your frame whatsoever.

Can I buy a Jaegher without any logo of Jaegher?

Sorry, no, you cannot.

Can I buy just a frame and a fork?

We are frame builders, so yes, of course you can. You can buy a frame and a matching fork. We can even lacquer the stem in the colors of the frame.

Can I buy a frame without it being painted?

Afraid not.

Are there bicycle shops where I can choose my components and where they do the montage and the maintenance.

We can’t expect everyone to come all the way to Antwerp to tweak a screw, we have developed partnerships with the finest bicycle shops in the country for your parts choice, maintenance, tuning,… They assemble it and service it.

What about crank length? Stem length? Handlebar width?

Any professional measuring center will take care of that. But when in doubt, ask them anyway, it’s not a silly question.