Choosing a top of the range custom-made racing bicycle is a big moment.

It may be the last one you’ll ever buy, and you will spend so much quality time together in the most legendary places. The novelty with choosing a Jaegher is that all the decisions are yours, unlike in a regular shop. At Jaegher, we don’t start building your bicycle until we know exactly what you need: the objective, your measures, the geometry and the paint job. We all want this to be the perfect experience, so we expect you to have a lot of questions. In the features and video’s section of this website you will find certain answers, but here we’ll dig a little deeper still to answer frequently asked questions. We devided our Q&A in 4 sections: Questions about the choice of your frame set, Bespoke Questions, Technical Questions and all questions about ordering and delivery. If your answer isn’t here, don’t hesitate to send a mail to We will answer your question within 2 working days.


The choice of your frameset depends on what you and your body prefer. If you want a more aggressive geometry for better speed, the Interceptor Flymaster certainly fits the bill. The Interceptor Classic with the horizontal top tube has a timeless geometry. If you’re into lugs and thinner tubes, the kind of bikes we made in the seventies for the likes of Eddy, the Phantom Authentic is the one for you.

I love to climb. What’s the best cycle for me?

Every Jaegher is fit to climb. There is only a difference of 100 to 300 grams between the different frames. Our lightest frame is 1300 grams. There are no set rules, even for climbing the personal choices and needs will define the bicycle. Some cyclists like a dynamic short wheelbase to climb; others just look at weight. A fully built Jaegher with top range parts will be between 6,4 and 7 kilo’s. That’s why we call them Airlight Steel. You probably know that the minimal weight of a race bike at UCI is 6,8 kg. Anyone who lifts a Jaegher for the first time is absolutely amazed. And every time we have to confirm “yes, it’s definitely steel”.

“It’s terrifying. Some race cycles feel like a dishcloth in a descent.”

Johan Musseeuw.

A subject rarely discussed is the behaviour of the bicycle in a descent. Steel bikes are unequaled in road grip during a descent and offer a unique and wonderful sense of safety. They eat the curves.

What is the stiffest race cycle you have?

The Interceptor Flymaster with the short wheelbase is definitely the stiffest Jaegher. For this model, the engineers of Colombus and Jaegher worked together on this unique ovalized Columbus Spirit tube set. The perfect marriage between stifness, lightness and demping. The Flymaster has a tapered head tube.

What’s the lightest frame you have?

Our lightest race bikes is the Interceptor Classic. Jaegher uses today’s most advanced high quality steel, not to be compared to what existed in the seventies and eighties. The lightest fully-mounted Interceptor has left our workshop at precisely 6,6 kilos, and it was a size 56. For reference, that’s too light to be admitted in the Tour de France!

What’s the weight of a frameset?

The weight of a frame depends on the model, the size, the welding technique and the use of paint. There is barely a difference between the Interceptor Flymaster and the Classic. The latter has about 35 grams more. That’s like one gulp from your drinking bottle. And then there’s also the Phantom Authentic. It has thinner tubes, but that is compensated by the lugs.

Is the Panthom Authentic — the vintage race-cycle— exactly how it was in the seventies?

No, the Phantom is way better. We had a lot of debate about it at Jaegher. We could have made it exactly like it was made here in the workshop over 40 years ago, but decided to make a better version, with superior lugging, contemporary techniques, stiffer and lighter tubes. Jaegher should stand for top race bikes, not nostalgia. The engineers at Columbus kept improving their magic. The tubes for lugged bikes are slightly thicker (but thinner than the Ascender and Interceptor) and that has an impact on the lugs. Also, the head tube we use gives more stability and the bracket is of a higher standard. So the lugged Phantom isn’t just lighter, but also stiffer and more stable than his grandfather from the seventies. If you really want a vintage bike, look around online, you’ll probably find a good looking one for a couple of hundred euros.
BUT HEY, we succeeded to find some tubesets and lugs from the seventies. And now we are maybe one of the only companies in the world that can make you a frame from the seventies – measuremade. But sorry, it will be a couple of thousands.

Is it possible to adapt my Phantom, Interceptor or Ascender in a Randonneur?

All of these frames are solid enough and can be used for randonneuring without any problem. We can weld the necessary bits to add mudguards, lights, bag support… to the frame before we paint it. Kristof Allegaert, the world’s best long distance cyclist is a total Jaegher fan. He didn’t turn it into a randonneur, but he does carry luggage on his 500 to 10000 km tours. He won the Transcontinental with both an Interceptor Classic and a Flymaster, the Trans-Siberian on an Ascender and the ‘tragic’ Indian Pacific on a Flymaster.

Do you also make pistiers?

We can turn just about every model we have in a pistier. The most important thing is to adapt the geometry. The bracket sits higher to avoid the pedals from touching the piste in the most extreme curbs (“Kuipke” in Ghent 52%).

Is it possible to order a steel measuremade mountainbike from Jaegher?

Yes, it is possible. We have successfully made some mountain bikes at the workshop. Just send a mail to with your wishes and we’ll see.

What is the best race cycle for long distance stages?

Kristof Allegaert would say that it’s a Jaegher, even if we think his success also has something to do with Kristof Allegaert With his Jaegher bikes he has won 3 Trans-Continental Races (4.000 km), the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme (9.150 km) and the tragic Indian Pacific (5.500 km). He won races with the Interceptor Classic, Ascender and Interceptor Flymaster. The other constant in these victories, is that all his bicycles were red. But, if you’re not Kristof Allegaert we think The Ascender Classic is our most comfortable long distance bike.

How can I order my Jaegher?

Just send a mail to and make an appointment at the workshop in Antwerp. We have the tools to take your measurements. We will help you choose your frame, colors and parts. Of course you can also order your Jaegher via this website. The best thing to do, is to do the preliminary measuring in a professional measuring center and send us your chart.