Why Jaegher?


Jaegher frames are made of high-end Italian steel. The steel alloys of the newest generation are ultra-light. Jaegher works exclusively with the top of the range, Columbus Spirit and XCR tubes: thick and solid at the ends, thin and light in the middle. Jaegher works in close partnership with Columbus Italia. After visiting the factory in Milan and meeting their engineers we developed a tube set which makes the Interceptor Flymaster perform even better. This makes your Jaegher one of the best steel road bikes ever made – with a ride quality that is incomparable.

The weight of our frames rivals that of other materials. A Jaegher frame weighs between 1.2 and 1.6 kg. We have built complete road bikes with a weight of 6.7 kg, which is even too light for the allowed UCI minimum of 6.8 kg — and the Tour de France. But on the other hand. Isn’t that weight thing overrated? Maybe because it’s the only thing we can do in the bike shop. Just lift the bike to feel how light it is. It’s also the only thing we can compare. Grams.

But a lot of pro-riders are afraid of a road bike that is too light. Because after every climb there follows a descent. They don’t want – in the words of one of the best cyclists of the world who visited the Jaegher atelier last year – a road bike that feels like a dishcloth. A road bike needs to give you confidence on the hill, on the cobbles and when sprinting. And that is exactly what a Jaegher does.


Small, medium or large. All too often, this is your choice when you’re buying a new bike. Then you are fitted to the frame with a longer or shorter seatpost and stem. Obviously, mass manufacturers try to reduce their production costs, and they do this by limiting the number of moulds they need for the frame. With Jaegher we start with you. Our experts take your measurements, down to the last detail, and only then do they start building your frame, tube by tube. And if you can’t come to us, go to your local expert for a bike fitting and send us your measurements. Only then do we put flame to steel. Welding a steel frame takes time and craftsmanship, but we wouldn’t do it any other way. Jaegher has stayed true to its steel roots in frame-building.


Steel is an extremely reactive and responsive material. A little experiment will show you. Compress a steel spring and it bounces back quickly. Now try an aluminium or carbon spring and you’ll see the difference. This allows a steel frame to absorb the “road buzz”, while it’s stiffness means that each pedal stroke is transferred into pure speed. This unrivalled comfort and road feel don’t just feel good, they also improve your performance. You’ll remain fresh and more alert for longer. The unique feel of steel is difficult to translate into statistics and numbers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.