Maintenance & More



You love your Jaegher. If you want this love to last forever it’s important you spend time together – and not only when you’re riding. If you’re a Flandrien like Jaegher is, you’re not afraid of rain, snow, or mud. But even for a Jaegher, there’s always a chance some moisture will seep inside the frame. Just like you do, even though they told you your clothes are 100% waterproof.


Every frame that leaves our ateliers is treated on the inside. When we deliver your road bike with components we also apply a liberal amount of grease to prevent oxidation at the most important contact points: water bottle cage bolt threads, head tube, headset, bottom bracket threads, bottom bracket shell, rear derailleur threads, brake bolts, seatpost, inside of the seat tube.

The inside of your frame is as important as the outside.


It would be great if at least once a year – even better would be twice a year – you remove all the parts and reapply a rust inhibitor to the inside of your frame. This is also the perfect moment to change your chain and reapply grease to all contact points. Regular care means using wax to keep the paintwork in mint condition. Wax protects and preserves the paint and stops water from spreading into gaps and holes where metal parts are prone to oxidation.
If you ride a lot in wet conditions it would be a shame not to remove your seatpost once a month and turn your bike upside down for 15 minutes, or even until your next ride. Of course you wouldn’t do this in a humid room. Afterwards get some grease and add it to your seatpost and seat tube. Soon, you’ll be flying again. It’s a 60-second job.


All Jaegher’s bikes are wet painted. Wet paint makes colours more lively and vibrant, while being more environmentally friendly. All Jaegher’s have now an extra layer of clear coat. So after the primer, we add the colour coat and we finish with a layer of clear coat on the layer of clear coat.
We deliver your Jaegher with three small pots of paint. One is the primer, then we have the colour(s) of your frame and finally a small pot with clear coat. Because road gravel launched by your wheel can chip paint on your frame. Our paint expert explains how you can do a perfect job repairing chipped paint. Have a look at the video (coming soon).
If you are on a cycling tour in another country or you don’t have your small paint pots in reach just apply some nail polish or put some grease to the exposed area. This will protect your frame from rain and humidity until you can do a proper job repairing it.


Avoid sudden and extreme temperature changes. Imagine, you were on a ride in very cold conditions, like -5°Celsius, and you take a break at a bar, and of course bring your bike inside with you – it’s a Jaegher after all – but you lean it against the radiator at the front window. The combined heat can approach 50° Celsius. Not a good idea. Such extreme changes in temperature can cause the steel or carbon in different parts of your bike to expand at different rates. The damage can even affect your groupset or the inside of your bottom bracket.