Your welding plan


Your perfect race cycle is not 'a jump in' and 'ride away' on a whatever race cycle. There’s a difference between measure made and custom made. Custom made is reduced by mass productions brands to the choice of a groupset and colour. Here you ride in a different league. Every Jaegher is designed to have a unique size, riding characteristics and details, based upon your needs. 

This is ‘your welding plan’. The smooth way to help you with your choices, colours and measurements.

1 — Fill in the 6 questions. It takes 1minute. We will send you (an idea of) a quote and a timing.

2 — We contact you and we start finetuning your choices: level of comfort, acceleration, aggressiveness, components, colours. We can do this by mail, phone or in real life.

3 —You order your Jaegher.

4 — You send us your measurements (*).

5 — Within 7 or 10 weeks you’ll enjoy the rides on your perfect and unique Jaegher.

* We can take your measurements for free in our ateliers or you can send us your measurements done by your local professional.