Emanuel: "I feel like a kid in a candy store"

Emanuel Ramoudt is the face of Jaegher. His dream is to create the perfect bicycle. Perfection in general, that's certain. But also the measure made bicycle personally crafted for you.


What's your job at Jaegher?

"I help clients imagine and create their dream bicycle. Apart from that, I do a lot of operational work: purchasing and sales, technical design, managing the welder, mechanic, varnisher, projects from A to Z. The only thing I wouldn't call myself: a salesman. Because at Jaegher there's no existing bicycles that we have to sell. It's the other way around: the client asks for a bicycle first and then we make it. In Belgium. A personal approach is essential in this process."


Favourite cycling region? Pays des Collines (Belgium) and the Spanish Pyrenees (Aigüestortes)
Personal Jaegher-framequote? The best routes are the ones you haven't ridden.
Race, mountainbike or gravel? Strade Bianche (Italy) on a gravel bike
Indispensable on the bicycle? Silca 'seat roll' saddle bag

How do you come up with a custom bicycle from scratch?

"I often have a personal intake interview with the client, which can last 2 hours. What exactly do you plan on doing with the bicycle? What's important to you? Then I propose custom solutions. This can be fully customised, part by part. But we also have some frequently chosen combinations to make the choice easier.

Can this also be done online?

"Of course I like to invite clients to our brand new studio in Ghent. There, they can see all the different frames, wheels and saddles with their own eyes. But with international clients, we can also do this online."

Emanuel Ramoudt

Customers can ask you nearly everything. What are the most challenging projects you’ve done?

‘For a goldsmith we once made a frame with a real gold Jaegher logo on it. Another challenge was to assemble the most European bike, with almost all components made in Europe. And then there was this customer who wanted his bike to look old and used. We faked rust, cracks and bumps in the paintjob, all of which we meticulously varnished afterwards. When we proudly shared that bike on our Instagram account, Jaegher founder Christophe called me immediately: what have you done? It was so well done that he didn’t even notice we did it on purpose.’


Where does this passion for Jaegher come from?

"I think the bicycle is a spectacular invention: since it's origin about 150 years ago barely anything has changed about the concept. What we do at Jaegher is link this history to the future. Searching for how we can combine the years of crafting experience of our welder Eddy with the newest techniques: I can't get enough of it. For example: we are researching how we can develop our gravel bike so that it can fit even wider tires. Or how we can elegantly integrate brake and gear cables into the handlebars, stem and frame. At the moment I also want to find out whether we can apply the Jaegher logo on the frame in silver or gold. I can truly spend hours on this. Yes, at Jaegher I feel like a kid in a candy store."


Do you also want to have a custom made Jaegher bicycle? Contact Emanuel.