Jaegher manufactures steel race cycles frames. And this should make you extremely happy.

We believe steel is the best material there is to ride — and shine.

And we believe the earth is round. We know everything about steel. It’s our savoir faire. We grew up with it. It’s in our blood. We don’t make carbon frames. When it comes to aesthetics, nothing beats a hand-crafted steel bicycle : it’s stylish, timeless and pure. And when it comes to performance, steel is definitely top dog. To put it simply, steel remains the best material to build a bike with. The last generation of steel has made this more true than ever.


Jaegher frames are made of high-end Italian steel. The steel alloys of the newest generation are ultra light. Jaegher works exclusively with the top of the range, Columbus Spirit and XCR tubes: thick and solid at the tube ends, thin and light in the middle. Jaegher works in close partnership with Colombus Italia. After visiting the factory in Milan and meeting their engineers we developed a tube-set which makes the Interceptor Flymaster even more performant. This makes your Jaegher one of the best steel race cycles ever made.

The weight of our frames rivals that of other materials, while the ride quality is incomparable. But on the other hand. Isn’t that weight thing overrated? Maybe because it’s the only thing we can do in the bicycle shop. Just lift the bike to feel how light it is. It’s also the only rational thing we can compare. Grams.

A lot of pro-riders are afraid of a race-cycle that is too light. Because after every mountain there is a descend. They don’t want a race-cycle that feels like a dishcloth (these are the words of one of the best cyclists of the world who visited the Jaegher ateliers last year). A race-cycle needs to give confidence on the hill, on cobbleroads and when sprinting. The weight of a Jaegher frame is between 1,2 and 1,6 kg. We built complete race cycles with a weight of 6,7 kg, which is even too light for the allowed minimum of 6,8 kg. — UCI / LeTour De France.


Small, medium or large: those are common sizes of most frames, which are adapted with a long seatpost and stem. There’s an obvious reason for this. The moulds of most frames are very expensive to produce. So every manufacturer tries to limit the number of moulds to reduce overall production costs. They are forced to mass-production, because real personalisation would be extremely expensive. Jaegher is not a big fan of mass production, so we decided to go back, or better to continue investing in our steel roots of cycling. Welding a frame requires a lot of man hours and craftsmanship, but we take pride in what we do. Our experts take your measurements, down to the last detail, and then start building a made to measure frame, tube by tube. But we even prefer you go to your local expert for your bike position and measurements. Send us your file or pdf-doc and we put the flame to it.

3. Comfort on the road

Steel is an extremely reactive and responsive material. Compress a steel spring and it will bounce back quickly. An aluminum or carbon spring bounces back much slower. A steel frame will therefor absorb bumps and vibrations on the road, while transferring each pedal-stroke into pure speed. This unrivalled comfort and road feel are not just nice for you, they also improve your performance. You will remain fresh and more alert for longer. The unique feel of steel is difficult to translate into statistics and numbers, so it has rarely been highlighted. Where the latest generations of steel especially shine is in their rigidity, which results in a very efficient frame.


It’s not a secret. It’s all about trends and fashion in the cycle-industry. Extreme oversized tubes, funny curves, ridiculous contrasts between thin and thick what results in dangerous limits on the most crucial zones of a race-cycle. We don’t go there. We don’t want to hide our geometry by making a race-cycle like a seasonal dress. Of course there’s been a huge evolution in positioning on the cycle, the composition of the steel tubes and welding the techniques. But we are proud to show those classic and still most performant lines of a race-cycle.

5. Strenght for life

It is not a very well kept secret that some materials lose there strenghth with time. The resin that holds the carbon fibres together loses its strength after a couple of years and microscopic cracks are formed within the layers. Our high end Columbus Spirit and XCr alloys are hard as steel – what else – and keep their strength for life. Another problem with carbon is its fragility. It breaks when hit hard. Steel is much more resistant, especially the top-of-the-line variant used for Jaegher frames.

6. Sustainable materials

You will find no dubious fibres or rare materials, but simply the best and most honest steel at Jaegher. A steel frame can be repaired if needed and should never end up on the rubbish pile.

From steel to gold.

A Jaegher race cycle is pure craftsmanship. Every frame is welded or brazed in our workshop in Flanders — Belgium. Only a few highly specialised welders can handle this kind of ultra-light, thin-walled tubes from Colombus Italia.


Jaegher is not tempted by mass production. We don’t have a ‘Bespoke’ department or ‘Measuremade’ division. Simple, at Jaegher every single race cycle corresponds to the exact needs of its owner. Every tube of the frame is cut and mitered exactly according to your measurements and bike position. There is no such thing as ‘kind of right’ at Jaegher.

If you want to see, ride and smell a Jaegher race cycle before buying one, you are welcome in our workshop in Antwerp. Join us to make an appointment and send an e-mail to ateliers@jaegher.com. You can also place your order online and we will deliver your frame at home.

Make your choice between classic or electric shifters. Or no shifters at all. We can adapt your choice to a pistier or we can weld ( and paint) elements for mudguards and a luggage carrier and make you an ultimate rondonneur. What kind of tires do you want? 23, 25, 28, 999? Classic brakes or disc brakes? There’s a lot to choose from, il y a des goûts et des couleurs — but we’ll never make a race cycle we don’t believe in. So forget about the 999.

For the final assembly, clients get to choose from the finest brands: Campagnolo, Shimano. And when it comes to the other parts, only the best brands are good enough: Enve, Fizik (saddles), 3T (stem, handlebar and seatpost), Colombus. Nothing less will do to make a Jaegher perfect down to the last detail.

Colour picker

When we say custom made, it also means you can choose between a large selection of colors. Innovating or classic. But always stylish and timeless like the frame. The advantages of wet paint are that colors are more lively and vibrant, while being more environmentally friendly.

There’s more good news. All Jaegher’s have now an extra layer of transparent varnish. So after the first layer, we ad the color and we finish with a layer of varnish on the layer of varnish. Sometimes we work with a colored varnish which gives your cycle unique deep luminious colours. Our painter doesn’t like to leave a job half done. He only works his magic for the finest brands and takes care for of a lot of elite racers their race cycles.

Here a brief overview about our Colour chart. Soon this topic will be easier to choose from in our configurator.


The Shadow Paint option is our most exclusive paintjob. We work with 2 colours with the same tint. Just one is a little darker than the other and we create zones with darker sides on one side and well chosen lighter zones on the other side. This makes the frame brightful and makes it even lighter. We started with this gorgeous paintjob some years ago. Meanwhile some international carbon monsterbrands took it over.

The most used ‘Shadow Paint’ combinations are :
Bronze – Brown / Light Blue – Dark Blue / Orange – Red / Grey – Deep Black


This paint option creates speed just like a flying comet. We paint the head tube and the beginning op the tubes close to the head tube in a bright colour. This bright colour becomes gradually darker the more we go backwards.

The most used ‘Speed Paint’ combinations are :
Cognac – Dark Blue / Azur Blue – Black / Silver Grey – Deep Black

Blood Red / High Sun Yellow / Mediterranean Blue / Dawn Orange / Deep Forest Green / Midnight Black / Sky Blue / Dark Blue / Spring Green / Dark Brown ( Terra Brown) / Terra Orange / Vibrant Red / Champaign 
Cognac / White / Black / Matte Black


Our Interceptor Classic and Interceptor Flymaster always come with a standard ‘Split Duo Fork’. It means that the inside of th efork has another colour than the outside. This paintjob creates the feeling that the fork is thinner and smoother. And of course it looks gorgeous.

For the inside you can coose between champaign, orange, black or ivory white. For the outside it works best with the colour of your frame.


For the Jaegher logo on the downtube you can choose between champaign, orange, black or ivory white. This colour comes back on the patch on the top tube. With an option it is possible to have the Jaegher logo in another colour or matte paint.

Driving pleasure forever

It goes without saying that you can drop by in the workshop for after sales service. Tuning your gears, mounting new brakepads or chainrings, any kind of maintenance. The satisfaction and riding pleasure of Jaegher doesn’t stop at the sale.